Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Asia is a PhD student in International Affairs with a focus on human rights. She is interested in how underrepresented groups– particularly women, refugees and ethnic minorities–strive for equality and the ways humanitarian assistance can support their endeavors.


BA, History, Wake Forest University (2018)

More About

I graduated from Wake Forest University Class of 2018 with a major in History and minor in Middle East & South Asian Studies. My undergraduate research has focused on the historical narratives of underrepresented people and connected their struggles to present day human rights issues. In 2017, I applied for and was awarded a Richter Scholarship from Wake Forest University to support an independent study I designed to investigate how Aboriginal culture is represented in Melbourne, Australia.

To delve further into human rights, I traveled to Amman, Jordan to research gender roles between different religious contexts. While I originally focused on researching gender and religion, I became interested in Jordan’s sociocultural climate which later informed my research on gender and religion.  I want to analyze the relations between countries and the structure of the international world system as I believe there is more research needed to understand the immediate and lasting effects of international influences on developing countries. In my doctoral research, I will examine how the dynamics of international aid affects the orientation and efficacy of humanitarian work as well as economic and social equality.

Research Interests

Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid, Social Justice for minorities, The Middle East, South East Asia/Pacific