Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Anna is studying Public Administration with a focus on Public Policy. She has been interested in matters of policy her entire life, and has traveled extensively. She strongly values diversity, insight, and originality of thought. Anna has interned with organizations in Washington, D.C., worked on electoral campaigns, and spent time working in various local communities. Anna studied philosophy and the history of mathematics in college, giving her a formidable background in analysis and the history of ideas. She aims to bring thought and research into implementation, whether through government, non-profits, or research itself.


B.A. Liberal Arts – St. John’s College, Santa Fe NM – 2015

Anna has pursued a diverse educational path. She attended Montessori school as a child, and continues to value human-centered education. She attended public high school. Her alma mater is an unusual college, comprising discussion-only classes, and using only primary texts for textbooks. Studies included the history of mathematics, science, philosophy, and language. Post-college, anna has earned a certificate in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, teaching her own yoga classes. In addition, she has earned a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Prague, Czech Republic. She has also participated in numerous community organizing training courses.

More About

Anna is directed more by a mission than a destination. She would be pleased to participate in local or state government, in research or interpretive roles on a federal level. She would be delighted to further engage in research and critical thought in the role of a potential PhD. Candidate, or eventually as a member of a think tank.


Work Experience:

2018 Electoral Campaign – Dublin, GA – Liaised with local community groups, rural representatives, and state organizations. Used large databases and worked with mapping to determine best practices. 2016 Intern with the Congress for New Urbanism – Washington, D.C. – Engaged with local groups, provided survey analysis and interpretation, and produced research for grant-writing applications