Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Amanzhol (Aman) Bekmagambetov is a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Georgia. He specializes in two primary fields—Comparative Politics and Methodology—and has teaching experience in American Politics and International Relations. His research interests include political social media use, digital political communication, and political participation in authoritarian regimes.


MA, Political Science, University of Louisville, 2017

More About

Although Aman’s initial degree was in engineering, he decided to pursue his life-long interests in understanding the workings of society and politics— so he started a grad school in the US and never looked back. Trying to strike a balance between learning existing material and producing new knowledge, Aman’s greatest aspiration is to contribute to the ongoing scholarly conversation in the areas of political communication and participation in authoritarian context.

Of Note

Prestage-Cook Travel Award (2017 SPSA )

Kentucky State Legislature Internship with Kentucky state Senator Perry Clark (Spring 2016)

Course Instruction

POLS 1101: American Government (Fall 2017-Spring 2022)

INTL 3200: Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2022)

INTL 4280: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (Fall 2022)

Selected Publications

Rodionov, Adil, Zhaxylyk Sabitov, Jason Gainous, Kevin M. Wagner, Amanzhol Bekmagambetov, and Kamilya Rodionova. “Economic Growth and the Feminisation of Political Science in Kazakhstan: A Leaky Pipeline?.” Europe-Asia Studies (2022): 1-21.

Bekmagambetov, Amanzhol, Kevin M. Wagner, Jason Gainous, Zhaxylyk Sabitov, Adil Rodionov, and Bagysh Gabdulina. “Critical social media information flows: political trust and protest behaviour among Kazakhstani college students.” Central Asian Survey 37.4 (2018): 526-545.