Danielle Wilburn

Administrative Associate

Center for International Trade and Security (CITS)

Danielle Wilburn is a graduate of the University of Georgia; earning her Bachelors in International Affairs with a focus on national security. She graduated with honors, was a Richard B. Russell Security Leadership scholar, and was a graduate research associate for the Center for International Trade and Security.

Danielle recently completed a Masters in International Policy at the University of Georgia and assisted Dr. Igor Khripunov in his nuclear security culture work. Her expertise include corporate compliance, trade regulations, non-proliferation and counter-terrorism.

More About

Prior to attending the University of Georgia, Danielle attended the University of North Georgia, earning an Associates in History. She completed her degree while assisting Dr. Glenn Smith in his research focused on partisan media polarization. Several of their works are currently under review; and one has been presented:

·  Smith, Glen. “Timing is Everything: The Timing of Media Effects During a Presidential Election.”  (Under review at Political Research Quarterly),

·   Smith, Glen.  2014.  “Negativity, Opinion Shows, and Cross-Exposure: A Nuanced Theory of Partisan Media Effects.”  Paper presented at the 2014 meeting of the American Political Science Association.,

·  Smith, Glen.  “Getting to Know the Devil: How Broadcast News Reduces Negativity Toward Political Leaders.”  (Under review at American Politics Research).