Christopher Tucker

Research Associate

Center for International Trade and Security (CITS)

Christopher Tucker is a Research Associate at the Center for International Trade and Security with over a decade of experience in providing hands-on training to senior and mid-level government officials from more than 70 countries on establishing and managing national nonproliferation policies and systems of strategic trade management.  Specifically, Chris has extensive experience working with legal and regulatory frameworks for strategic trade management systems, focusing on issues of transit and transshipment, intangible technology transfers, and brokering controls.

Chris also provides training and support for hi-tech industry in Asia and the United States on establishing customized internal compliance programs for dual-use technologies. Chris advises said corporations on matters of international law and best practices regarding nonproliferation, terrorism, strategic trade management, and supply chain security. He also designs internal compliance tools (offline and online) for industry.

Chris’ recent research specialties are intangible technology transfers, the management of brokers, the development of automated risk analysis systems, and the use of open source data to identify and mitigate proliferation-relevant activities. He also serves on the Editorial Board of Strategic Trade Review.

Previously, Chris was the managing editor of the 1540 Compass, published jointly with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs and directed the Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program, the flagship undergraduate program of the Center for International Trade & Security.

Chris holds an MA in International Affairs and a BA in International Affairs from the University of Georgia.

  • M.A., University of Georgia 2007, International Affairs
  • B.A. (cum laude), University of Georgia 2005, International Affairs
More About

Mr. Tucker is the project coordinator and trainer at the biannual Security and Strategic Trade Management Academy. As such, Mr. Tucker has presented to numerous international audiences on issues pertaining to export controls, WMD nonproliferation, and other related topics. He has coordinated and spoken at government and industry outreach workshops in the USA, Middle East, Europe, Central America, South America, and South Asia. Mr. Tucker is Managing Editor of the 1540 Compass, published jointly with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic trade controls and compliance
  • CBRN security
  • The human dimension of nonproliferation
  • Nonproliferation curriculum development