The SPIA Survey Research Center at the University of Georgia fielded a survey of registered voters in the state of Georgia from February 2nd through the 14th. This survey was designed to tap public sentiments on a variety of political and policy issues as we progress into this year’s state legislative session and the 2020 election season. Given the diversity of the state of Georgia and the increasingly competitive nature of electoral competition in the state, these data may provide some valuable insights into the 2020 electorate.

The survey includes job approval ratings for President Trump (46.8%) and Governor Kemp (54.1%), as well as the Georgia General Assembly (47.8%). Favorability ratings for 2020 election candidates are also contained in the survey. These include President Trump (44.8%) and candidates who have declared their intentions to run for U.S. Senate this year: Senator Perdue (47.9%), Senator Loeffler (32.6%), Congressman Collins (33.8%), and Reverend Raphael Warnock (19.7%). Governor Kemp (not running for office in 2020) had a favorability rating of 55.2%.

A series of questions also examine the administration of elections in Georgia, including items relating to voter confidence and election security. A slight majority of respondents are aware that Georgia will be putting a new voting system in place in 2020 (53.6%) and a plurality of respondents (44.3%) believe voter fraud to be the biggest threat to elections in the state.

Respondents were also asked about a number of budgetary items that may be addressed during the legislative session. These questions include support for the Georgia Film Tax Credit program (51.7%), the Jet Fuel tax break for airline companies (35.1%), and Governor Kemp’s signature pledge to increase teacher pay (87.7%).

Finally, 57.2% of respondents in the state indicate that Chick-fil-A is their preferred chicken restaurant.

Included in the report that follows are cross-tabulations between each question asked and demographic factors, partisanship, and ideology.

To view the full results and report, click here.