SPIA alumnus David Dove (AB ’09, JD ’14) understands the difficult choice between a dream internship and maintaining financial security.

When David was an undergraduate, SPIA Professor Dr. Charles Bullock recommended he intern at the Georgia state capitol. David knew the legislative internship would be a great opportunity to kick off his career, but he couldn’t make it work financially. Despite passing up the opportunity, David is now the General Counsel for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (’87). He’s eager to ensure that students don’t miss out on similar opportunities, so he donates to SPIA’s Experiential Learning Fund.

It is vital to the strength of our graduates that experiential learning is financially feasible when they are students. Giving to the Experiential Learning Fund ensures SPIA can go the extra mile in offering a meaningful educational experience for all students, regardless of their financial situation.”  -David Dove (AB ’09, JD ’14)

Give to SPIA’s Experiential Learning Fund and provide the opportunity for future students to have experiences that prepare them for the real world.