UGA Costa Rica has the great honor of having Mr. Ottón Solís teaching with the Summer 2013 International Studies program. Mr. Solís has most recently taught as an Eminent Scholar at the University of Florida, and as a Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Affairs at Notre Dame University.

Frustrated with the two-party domination of Costa Rican politics, Solís created the Citizen’s Action Party (PAC) in 2000. PAC has since grown into a significant political force in Costa Rica, with Mr. Solís achieving strong second place finishes in the past three presidential elections, including a runoff in the 2006 elections after forcing a virtual voting tie.

Solís will be teaching two courses this summer in Costa Rica, INTL 4320 (Politics of Development) and INTL 4550 (Government & Business). Come spend summer in paradise and study with one of Latin America’s great political figures.

Small, seminar-style classes in the midst of a tropical cloud forest.

Ten $700 Costa Rica Foundation Incentive scholarships are available for this program, plus additional scholarship opportunities through OIE.