Professor Monogan wins Creative Research Medal

Original story in UGA Today.

Jamie Monogan, an associate professor in the School of Public and International Affairs, has contributed to the study of environmental policy by uniquely analyzing geographic information.

In April 2017, he and co-authors published a study in the American Journal of Political Science showing that states tend to reap the benefits of industry while forcing neighboring states to bear the cost of industrial air pollution.

Using spatial-based data on wind patterns and manufacturing sites within states and temporal data on site development and changing laws and regulations, he found clear statistical evidence that manufacturers develop sites where their externalities—air pollution—spill into neighboring states.

These industries are responding to state policy incentives when making strategic decisions about where to locate polluting facilities. Monogan’s analysis of wind direction and locations of air polluting industries allows researchers to test theories about state policymaking and gauge the impact of federalism on environmental protection.