SPIA doctoral candidate Melanie Kolbe has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of International and Development Study in Geneva, Switzerland. Starting in September, Kolbe will be teaching Comparative Politics and Political Economy in the school’s Department of International Relations/Political Science.

Her research addresses the social, political and economic aspects of industrialized nations’ management of increased immigration. She also studies the ways in which immigrants integrate into their host-society, as well as the public policies facilitating this. Kolbe’s research in immigration studies, comparative political economy and public policy also touches on such diverse topics as immigrant public opinion, interest group politics and citizenship and multiculturalism.

Kolbe credits her continued success to her time at SPIA. “The faculty at the Department of International Affairs prepared me well for my career through rigorous training in political science, through rewarding intellectual engagement and challenge, and by being extremely supportive to help me become a good scholar and instructor.”