Congratulations to Jooheon Yi for being selected as Public Administration and Policy’s MPA Student of the Month!

Jooheon Yi is from South Korea. He attended Seoul National University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. After graduating from the university, he began his career as a deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and currently belongs to the Ministry of Science and ICT. Over the years, he worked in the Space Development Division, International Cooperation Strategy Team, Research Institute Support Team, and Research and Development Policy Division. He gained experience in the field of science and technology policy, such as operating national research institutes and funding agencies, supporting researchers, and international cooperation, and was promoted to a senior deputy director in 2018.

Then he enrolled in the MPA here at UGA in the spring semester of 2019, as a part of the personnel training program of the Korean government. He is currently in his last semester of the MPA, taking classes at Carl Vinson Institute and carrying out a group research project with a local government. He is also conducting his individual research, which is exploring better ways to reduce the administrative burdens of university researchers and promote their creative research.

He is interested not only in policies related to R&D (research & development), such as investment in emerging technologies and supporting researchers, but also in fundamental and general public administration principles and in the utilization of analysis tools like R programming.

Congratulations Jooheon Yi! Keep up the good work!