The SPIA Spinoff is a fall podcast series by UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs. We will take you behind the scenes at SPIA to learn about different professors and their research, with a different focus each episode.

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We’re still making a few episodes, so if you’re a UGA researcher and you’d like to share your work or if you’re a student and you’d like to hear a specific topic discussed, email Shelby Steuart.


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Episode 1: Low Voter Turnout

Dr. Shane Singh has focused much of his research on compulsory voting and its unintended consequences. In this episode of the SPIA Spinoff, Singh discusses little-known effects of compulsory voting as well as why compulsory voting does not necessarily remedy low voter turnout.

Dr. Singh is an associate professor in the Department of International Affairs within the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) at the University of Georgia. His research and teaching interests are in comparative political behavior and elections.

Episode 2: Spy Watching

U.S. National Security Expert, Dr. Loch K. Johnson began his career working for Frank Church, the Senator who started the Church Committee to develop oversight for intelligence agencies after the New York Times discovered the CIA was spying on American citizens. In this episode, Dr. Johnson discusses his recent book, Spy Watching, as well as recollects about his time working in the Church Committee.

Dr. Loch Kingsford Johnson is the Regents Professor of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia, as well as a Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor. He is the author of over 200 articles and essays; and the author or editor of thirty books on U.S. national security.


Episode 3: Housing Discrimination and Redistricting

Dr. Charles Bullock is a living legend at UGA. He first began his career here in 1968 and in the time since has established himself as an expert in legislative politics and elections and electoral systems and is the state’s pre-eminent scholar on Southern politics.

In this episode, Dr. Bullock discusses two topics he’s quite passionate about and has researched for many years: housing discrimination and redistricting.