Public Administration and Policy is proud to announce Justin Nixon as our January 2019 MPA Student of the Month!

Justin Nixon is an MPA student looking to bring his passion, vision, supervisory skills, research, and engagement skills to Law Enforcement. Justin is dedicated to the topic of healthy police-community relations. With his MPA, Justin will enter the realm of Law Enforcement to change the profession for the better. Justin has experience building relationships with diverse groups of people and with data management and policy analysis, which will all greatly benefit his ambitions for community engagement through policing.

Justin is interested in continuing opportunities to be involved in practical applications and research regarding outreach between diverse communities and governments. Justin enjoys getting involved in the community in a personal way. In 2018 Justin choose to do this by volunteering time with the nonprofit Spread the Vote, which he is now a chapter leader.

Justin also loves video games, cartoons, beer, and movies.