Monogan Published New Book

Dr. James Monogan’s new book, “Political Analysis Using R,” gives readers who are new to political research the tools to learn the basics of how to use the free software program R and provides intermediate R users with new techniques. R has become a popular alternative to Stata or SPSS because it is free and provides a range of high-end methods. While the first few chapters are intended for beginners, the later chapters introduce more advanced and complex topics for graduate students. Chapters 1 through 5 should be accessible to undergraduates taking a quantitative methods class. The examples in Monogan’s new book are drawn from subfields of Political Science and with data drawn from American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy. The datasets included in the text come from political and social research such as surveys, election returns, legislative roll call votes, nonprofit organizations’ assessments of practices across countries, and also field experiments.
Monogan’s book details how to perform nearly every task associated with statistical modeling, and opens up a wide array of sophisticated methods using R. While the book’s examples are drawn from political science, the techniques are actually applicable for any discipline. “Examples can be self-taught and it can be a useful reference as you do research,” Monogan said.