In July 2020 five new members joined the School of Public and International Affairs’ (SPIA) Alumni Board, and we are taking some time to introduce them to fellow SPIA alumni and students.

Rebecca Howell (AB ’13) is the Senior Director at America Rising Corporation in Washington D.C. where she serves as deputy director of the House research team. Prior to this role, she was a Director at Definers Public Affairs, worked as a researcher for the Republican National Committee, and worked in legislative roles for Representative Rob Woodall and Senator Johnny Isakson.

Rebecca’s final semester as a Political Science student took place in D.C. with the University of Georgia’s Washington Semester Program, but as she moved to D.C. she had no idea her time would be defined by the governmental shutdown. Overcoming the unknown and the obstacles that came from the shutdown grew her confidence in her own abilities to preserve, and she hopes that today’s students can learn from her story and other alumni’s experiences.

Her experience in navigating the uncertainty surrounding the shutdown bears a surprisingly similar parallel to students who are graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She encourages students to make connections and foster relationships for much more than simply networking and to ensure they have different and diverse voices for advice as students prepare to face challenges during their career.

While Rebecca is a new face to the SPIA Alumni Board, she hopes to make a lasting impact by opening doors for SPIA students. The Board looks to serve both students and graduates to enrich those relationships with the School itself and with each other. Currently, Rebecca serves on the fundraising committee working to connect with donors as well as host events to raise money to benefit both present and future students.

“I hope to help grow the (SPIA) fund to give back to students,” Rebecca shared, “so they can have opportunities for experiences they might not otherwise have.” She hopes students take advantage of those opportunities even if that means stepping out of their comfort zone.

Fast Facts about Rebecca:

  • Hometown: Marietta
  • Major: Political Science and International Affairs
  • Favorite UGA Memories: most things that started as simple spontaneous hangouts
  • Favorite Class: Dr. Bullock’s Southern Politics
  • Study Spot: Founder’s Garden
  • Athens Restaurant: Dolce Vita – site of her first date with her husband!

Thanks to Rebecca for serving SPIA in her new role!

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