As part of International Education Month, Public Administration and Policy is celebrating some of our outstanding international students. Meet JIUQI (JOSIE) WANG.

Josie is a second-year Master of Public Administration student from China. She received her Bachelor of Management degree from Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. Josie specializes in Public Policy and she focuses on the diplomacy policies among the other countries’ relationship with China and poverty alleviation policies in China.

Josie has two career goals. The first one is to be an analyst with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide “Livelihood Issues” solution plans for Chinese central government, local governments, and their departments, e.g. improving social security system, poverty alleviation in Chinese countries, and enhancing talent training programs of the higher education system. The second one is to be an independent journalist to build a channel and a social media account. The function of this would be to help the public understand public issues in different areas and promote the solution policies from governments at each level.

Currently, Josie is an intern in the Georgia Heirloom Apple Collection Project, State Botanical Garden of Georgia (SBG). Georgia Heirloom Apple Collection Project was donated to SBG by Anthony Cannon of Heirloom Orchards. There are 16 apples in this collection and they propagate and sell these and other apples from their orchard. Josie is in charge of the management of the Georgia Heirloom Apple publicity and sales management.

In May 2020, Josie finished the “Art and Culture in Athens-Clarke: An Exploration of Stakeholder Perceptions and Community Indicators” report for the Athens-Clarke Geospatial Information Office with Dr. Zeemering and her classmates. This report investigated how arts and cultural organizations and business are connected to one another in Athens, identified a limited set of community indicators which people could use and trace through online databases, and gave valuable recommendations and insights for a thriving urban future in Athens.

Josie worked for AmCham China in 2018. AmCham China aims to enhance the business environment in China and strengthen cooperation and understanding between the US and China. It helps American companies succeed in China through advocacy, information, networking, and business support service. Josie also participated in writing the 2019 American Business in China White Paper.