SPIA’s 20 for 20 Campaign: Celebrating 20 Years of SPIA

Twenty years ago, the University of Georgia launched the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) to prepare students for careers and leadership positions in the fields of international affairs, political science and public administration and policy. The School’s faculty and graduate students produce high quality research that contributes to public policy decisions at all levels of government. SPIA also trains the next generation of scholars and teachers in public and international affairs. Built on a foundation of excellence, the School is recognized each year by U.S. News and World Report as a Top Ten Public Affairs Program nationally.   

Today, the number of students graduating with a SPIA degree has more than doubled compared to the year of our founding, and our graduates are from increasingly diverse backgrounds. Our faculty has grown to meet students’ needs and aspirations, and our curricular offerings have expanded. In the last 20 years SPIA has enhanced its degree offerings to include a new graduate degree, a new major, three minors, new and a variety of Double Dawg degree programs. The School also administers a cutting-edge program in Applied Politics, and a nationally recognized, non-partisan polling operation, the SPIA Survey Research Center.

As we celebrate SPIA’s 20th Anniversary, we invite you to join us by participating in our “20 for 20” giving campaign. Donors can set up a recurring monthly donation of $20 throughout 2021 to provide continual support to the programs, causes, and/or funds of their choice at SPIA. Supporters of the “20 for 20” campaign will be recognized online as members of our 20th Anniversary Honor Roll and will receive a special commemorative thank you gift from SPIA.

SPIA is a place where dedicated students and faculty strive to advance the public good and create a more equitable and just society. Thank you for supporting these efforts by becoming a SPIA “20 for 20” donor!