Jamie Monogan

Study Registration

Welcome to the Political Science Registered Studies Dataverse (PSRSD). Click here to register your own study at this Dataverse. This site is designed as a place where researchers can publicly catalogue their studies before data are gathered or an outcome occurs. Information in a registered study may include, but is not limited to: data analytic plans, data gathering plans, experimental or survey instruments, input data observed prior to an outcome's observation, or lists of matches. For more information about research preregistration, see the Symposium on Research Registration in Political Analysis. The advantages of registering a study with the PSRSD include:
  • The IQSS at Harvard University hosts this Dataverse and is an independent party.
  • Any registered design is dated, archived, and made available for all interested parties to review.
  • Each study is given a unique global identifier that permanently identifies the study.
  • Public comments for suggestions can be recorded, along with researchers' responses.
  • Any changes to the study will be recorded in a new version of the study, with prior versions preserved and publicly available.
  • Preliminary and pre-outcome data can be archived, and these will be identified with a universal numeric fingerprint. (Complete replication data can also be added after the study's completion.)
  • Investigators may contact the webmaster to create an anonymous posting of a research design. This allows investigators to share preregistered design information as part of a double-blind journal review process, with their identity being revealed upon the article's publication.

You are invited to observe what studies have been registered, the stage of each study, whether a publication emerged in each case, and whether you have helpful commentary to suggest to the investigators. Click here to register your own study at this Dataverse, or contact the webmaster to create an anonymized entry on your behalf.