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Working Papers:


“Positive Agenda Control and the House Majority Party: Policy Bargaining over Structured Rule Choice.” With Michael S. Lynch and Jason M. Roberts.


“The Vice President in the U.S. Senate: Examining the Consequences of Institutional Design.” With Michael S. Lynch.


“Partisan Agenda Control and the Dimensionality of Congress.” With Keith L. Dougherty and Michael S. Lynch.


“Partisan Signaling and Agenda Control in the U.S. House of Representatives.” With Jamie L. Carson and Michael Crespin.


“Procedural Uncertainty, the Parliamentarian, and Questions of Order in the United States Senate.” With Michael S. Lynch.


“Partisan Efficiency in an Open-Rule Setting: The Amending Process in the U.S. Senate, 1865-1946.” With Jamie L. Carson and Mark E. Owens.


“Coordination, not Coercion: Party Policy Committees and Collective Action in the United States Senate.” With Michael Crespin, Joel Sievert and Nathaniel Ament-Stone.


“Defensive Agenda Control: The Evolution of Tabling Motions in the U.S. Senate, 1865-1947.”  With Jamie L. Carson and Mark E. Owens.


“Confirmation Wars and Collateral Damage: Assessing the Impact of Supreme Court Nominations on Presidential Success in the U.S. Senate.” With Richard L. Vining, Jr. and James E. Monogan III.


“The Collision of Institutional Power and Constitutional Obligations: The Use of Blue Slips in the Judicial Confirmation Process.” With Ryan C. Black and Ryan J. Owens.


“Bicameral Agenda Control: Examining the Effects of Procedural Tools on Congressional Policy Outcomes, 1883-1937.” With Jamie L. Carson and Jason M. Roberts.


“Building a Record: Amending Activity, Position Taking, and the Seventeenth Amendment.” With Jamie L. Carson, Mark E. Owens and Joel Sievert.