Maryann E. Gallagher

Lecturer, Department of International Affairs

Maryann E. Gallagher is a lecturer in the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Emory University and her B.A. from Drew University. Prior to joining the faculty at UGA in 2014, she was an assistant professor at DePauw University. Professor Gallagher’s research interests include American foreign policy, decision making, and gender in international relations. She teaches courses on American Foreign Policy, Decision Making in International Relations, Women & World Politics, and War & Gender.

  • Ph.D., Emory University 2010, Political Science
  • M.A., Emory University 2007, Political Science
  • B.A. , Drew University 2001, Political Science
Areas of Expertise
  •  American Foreign Policy
  • Decision Making
  • Leaders’ Personalities
  • The Presidency
  • SPIA Student Union – Faculty Adviser
Course Instruction
  • INTL 3200 Introduction to International Relations
  • INTL 4250 American Foreign Policy
  • INTL 4260 Decision Making in International Relations
  • INTL 4770 Special Topics: Women and World Politics
  • INTL 4770 Special Topics: War and Gender
Selected Publications
  •  “Taking Matters into Their Own Hands: President’s Personality Traits and Executive Orders” (with Bethany Blackstone). 2015. Presidential Studies Quarterly.
  • “Personality and Politics.” 2015. In American Political Culture: An Encyclopedia.
  • “Presidential Personality: Not Just a Nuisance” (with Susan Allen). 2014. Foreign Policy Analysis.
  • “Civil Liberties.” 2014. In Gibbons et al. Encyclopedia of Political Thought.