Professor Emeritus of Public Administration and Policy

Dr. Legge is Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia. Much of his career at UGA has been spent in administrative positions to include Director of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program, Associate Dean of SPIA, and Associate Provost for Academic Planning. At the present time he is serving with GLOBIS as the Director of SPIA’s Verona Study Abroad Program where he divides his time between Verona and Athens. In terms of research, the early part of his career was concentrated in the area of public policy in a comparative framework. In more recent years, he has developed an interest in Holocaust research and he teaches a course in Verona named “The Holocaust and Italy.” A frequent international traveler, Dr. Legge has taught, lectured, or conducted research in Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the People’s Republic of China, and Switzerland.