Harin Woo

Visiting Faculty, Public Administration and Policy

Harin Woo specializes in science and technology policy, health policy, and organizational behavior. She is interested in how information technology improves policy making and public management and how it helps public organizations collaborate to enhance the quality of policies. Her dissertation is an interdisciplinary study of health, science, and technology policy as well as public management, examines the impacts of the current health policy, the advancement of information technology, and organizational characteristics on information-sharing activities in local health departments in the U.S.

  • Ph.D., University of Georgia, School of Public and International Affairs

  • M.P.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, Truman School of Public Affairs

  • M.P.P., Seoul National University of Science and Technology

  • B.A., Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Public Administration

Areas of Expertise

Science and Technology Policy
Organizational Behavior