Lecturer, Department of Political ScienceLecturer, Department of International Affairs

Curriculum Vitae

Course Instruction

Peace Studies (INTL 4680) Introduction to Comparative Politics (INTL 3300) Post-Industrial Democracies (INTL 4330) Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (INTL 4280) Population, Immigration, & Politics (INTL 4630) Introduction to Global Issues (INTL 1100) Environmental Politics (INTL 4610) Special Topics in International Relations – The Applied Theory and Critical Analysis of Current International Political Events (INTL 4770) Study Abroad in Paris, France: Politics and the Modern European State (INTL/GEOG 4694)

Research Interests

• The effects of institutions, institutional design, and policy implementation on political outcomes with regard to identity group conflict and the politics of inclusion/exclusion in advanced democracies (focus on Western Europe)

• Cross-subfield study of ethnic conflict, migration, the environment/environmental marginalization

• Bridging fields of research via interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches (political science, psychology, sociology, geography/urban studies)