The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group of the Department of International Affairs formed in Fall 2020. The group seeks to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion across Department programs. Activities of the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group are grounded in SPIA’s commitment to antiracist pedagogy, inclusive public service, and equity and social justice for people of all identities. The group is also informed by the experiences of the SPIA Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Group, which began meeting on a monthly basis in Spring 2019. The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group is open to all members of the SPIA community – students, staff, and faculty – and currently comprises over twenty members from across SPIA’s three departments.

The Working Group is organized into four thematic subgroups: Community Diversity, Institutional Change, Emergency Support & Mutual Aid, and Coordination & Communication. The primary issues addressed by each subgroup are in the expand and contract sections below. 

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Community Diversity
  • Enhancing faculty diversity
  • Enhancing graduate student diversity
  • Enhancing undergraduate student diversity
  • Enhancing career support, especially for BIPOC/minority students
  • Identifying and responding to toxic environments
  • Identifying and promoting general diversity best practices
Institutional Change
  • Critically engaging with commemorative names and historical memory
  • Diversifying and decolonizing the curriculum and pedagogy
  • Acknowledging and building relationships with indigenous communities
  • Working to support undocumented students in the Athens community
Emergency Support & Mutual Aid
  • Equitably mitigating COVID-19 impacts in our community
  • Coordinating the Department of International Affairs Mutual Aid Clearinghouse
  • Ensuring living wages for all staff working in SPIA facilities
  • Supporting victims of harassment, discrimination, or assault
  • Identifying and responding to toxic environments
Coordination & Communication
  • Coordinating overall operations of the Working Group
  • Communicating about Working Group activities
  • Connecting and coordinating with other SPIA, UGA, and community initiatives
  • Facilitating community discussions and input