On November 10th, the Department of Public Administration and Policy in the School of Public and International Affairs co-hosted a free event for the local nonprofit community.  The other event partners and organizers included the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations in the School of Social Work, and the Athens Area Community Foundation.

The event was titled “Northeast Georgia’s Changing Nonprofit Environment: Moving Your Nonprofit to Data-Driven Decision Making.”  Matt Hauer from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government presented data on the changing demographic landscape of Northern Georgia, including projections for increased racial diversity throughout the state and population decline in many rural counties.  Rebecca Nesbit from the Department of Public Administration and Policy presented information about the number and types of nonprofit organizations in Northeast Georgia, including the number of nonprofit organizations per 10,000 people for each of the 12 counties in the region.

The event attendees represented over 20 local nonprofit and government organizations providing a range of services, including such things as homeless shelters, senior services, youth services, and community development.  Attendees discussed the data presented and what it means for local nonprofit organizations.  Some local organizations shared how they have used data to inform decision-making about their programs and to leverage greater support and funding.  Attendees also discussed how to form stronger connections with the UGA community to strengthen their ability to collect and use pertinent data to to help them strengthen their programs and fulfill their organizational missions.