On September 6, 2014, Dean Lindquist presented at the Mexican Electoral Tribunal in Mexico City, Mexico. In her lecture, Dean Lindquist addressed party and ideological polarization in the United States, drawing on the work of Keith Poole, among others. In a 15-minute follow-up, Flavio Galván Rivera, Justice at the High Chamber of the TEP JF, addressed the subject from a Mexican perspective.

The workshop aimed to update and broaden the knowledge and concepts of jurisdictional and legal training personnel in fundamental subjects of American Electoral Law, which was addressed from a comparative perspective.  Workshop graduates learned current and precedent topics of relevance to Electoral Law, that are discussed both in political and academic forums in the United States.

Other speakers in attendance included:

  • William Forbath, Associate Dean for Research, UT Law
  • Ellen Katz, Professor of Law, MSU
  • Daniel Tokaji, Professor of Law OSU
  • Sam Issacharoff, Professor of Constitutional Law, NYU
  • Justin Levitt, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School
  • Trey Martínez, Texas House Member (Democratic Party)
  • Matthew L. M. Fletcher, Professor of Law, MSU

For more information about the Mexican Electoral Tribunal, click here.