The purpose of this meeting was to review the draft guidance first tested in Indonesia and to determine the ways in which the self-assessment methodology could be further improved, finalized and made available to member states. As a proof of concept, CITS assisted the IAEA in implementing a pilot self-assessment project conducted in Indonesia at three operating research reactors in cooperation with BATAN, the Indonesian nuclear authority. The project was made possible by a generous grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. CITS will continue to be involved in this process, potentially working with other countries to help implement the methodology on a trial basis. In the Vienna meeting, over 40 representatives from some 28 countries provided relevant experience and specific recommendations on how the methodology could be practically implemented by various users globally throughout nuclear infrastructure. It was noted that conducting the self-assessment process will enhance nuclear security culture. At the request of member states, the IAEA is now in the process of drafting two technical guidance documents on nuclear security culture. A draft technical guidance on self-assessment of nuclear security culture was developed through several consultancy meetings with the participation of CITS staff.