CITS participated in the IAEA Technical Meeting to share experiences related to activities under the Coordinated Research Project “Development of Nuclear Security Culture Enhancement (ENSC) Solutions” held in Vienna, Austria from October 23 through October 25, 2017. Under a cooperative agreement between UGA and the IAEA, CITS presented its first report entitled “Nuclear Security Culture for Users of Radioactive Sources: Model, Self-Assessment, Enhancement.”

The main objective of the 2014 Coordinated Research Project on “Enhancing Nuclear Security Culture” is to conduct analysis and research of approaches and methods and develop practical tools to assess and enhance nuclear security culture. This CRP drew from the experiences in assessment and enhancement of nuclear security culture, accumulated by experts in member states and the IAEA and further investigated and developed methods and tools, based on the IAEA Implementing Guide in its Nuclear Security Series No. 7 and IAEA technical guidance documents under development. The organizational structure of the ENSC project included four working groups (WG) with the following mandates: 1. Self-Assessment Methodology Improvement WG; 2. Tailored Approach Development and Implementation WG; 3. Training and Education Program Development WG; and the Case Study Development WG. Participants in the ENSC came from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Serbia, the US and other countries.