International Education Week has inspired us to highlight some of our international students as we celebrate.

Meet MPA student Diana Sayed:

Diana is a senior officer in the public sector with people-centric nature and a keen impetus for financial organizational change. Her ten years of professional experience in the Ministry of Economy and Trade in Lebanon, and her MBA earned from France, guided her to better comprehend different approaches to preparing public agencies implementing transformational policies and has given her insights on how a manager can influence people’s behavior to reduce their inertia to the change. Diana finds that the financial crisis that has been hitting her country of Lebanon for the past two years illustrates clearly that there is an urgent need to implement financial and social reforms to address the current hardships that affect people’s lives in expensive and dramatic ways.

Diana recently joined UGA School of Public and International Affairs to complete her master’s degree in public administration where she is exploring the broader perspective of public service. In her current graduate assistantship, she is contributing to raising public awareness for Human Trafficking, the most lucrative and destructive business globally. It’s an honor for her to add to the efforts deployed by CenHTRO, an organization affiliated with UGA, which aims, through its robust research, to reduce the impact of human trafficking issues on societies.