by Taylor Talley

Just a month ago, I moved into Delta Hall in Washington D.C. with 30 other students.
I was nervous because I was only a sophomore, but excited to meet everyone and make new
friends in a new city. I am now a month into UGA’s Washington Semester Program, and I
definitely feel like I have been here for years.

One of the greatest parts of living in Washington D.C. is how there is always
something going on and always a new place to explore. Since move-in on January 5th, I
have explored a new parts of the city and done things I have not done before. From
Chinatown, to Georgetown, to Columbia Heights, to Capitol Hill, to the Navy Yard, there is
always a new adventure to be taken.

My internship might take part in this, but it makes it feel like the days are flying by so
fast! I work Monday through Thursday in the Office of Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger,
which has given me the opportunity to work on the Hill. Capitol Hill is such a fast paced
environment, and something is always happening. Being able to work with legislation and
help constituents that are from my home district in Virginia has been such an amazing experience so far.

The people I have met through the Washington Semester Program (WSP) have been some of the most genuine people I
have ever met. Coming from UGA with all different backgrounds in both academics and
walks of life really set me up to wonder what it was going to be like to move in with all these
individuals. From this experience, I have found some of my lifelong friends. I’m surrounded
by go-getters that influence me to become the best version of myself every single day. They
are the reason the days go by fast and feel so full.

I definitely cannot believe I am already a month in. The Washington
Semester Program is an amazing program that gives you so many networking opportunities,
and valuable life experience in the workforce. Most of the time, I do not even feel like I am in
college since I work full time and only take classes two nights a week. From just a month in,
I would encourage everyone to participate in WSP. The opportunity to live and work in
Washington D.C. has changed my perspective on the working life, and given me invaluable
experience I could have never gotten before participating.