Congratulations to Taylor Ashe for being selected as Public Administration and Policy’s MPA Student of the Month!

Taylor is a second-year student in the MPA program who will be graduating this December. Throughout his time in the program, Taylor has also been managing the Captioned Media Office within UGA’s Disability Resource Center (DRC). This has given him the opportunity to cultivate relationships between various departments and student groups on campus under the common goal of creating equitable access for all UGA students.

As UGA shifted to online instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor’s role at the DRC became key to ensuring that over 200 classes maintained federal ADA standards by providing adequately-captioned material.

Before attending UGA, Taylor graduated with his BA in English Education from Boise State University in Idaho. Upon graduation, Taylor taught at several schools that focused on at-risk populations, primarily working with students that were previously incarcerated and those unable to attend traditional schooling environments.

Now, Taylor and his wife live in Madison where they enjoy walking their two dogs, bird watching, and seeing as much of the world as possible.

Congratulations Taylor! Keep up the great work.