Kristin Eichbauer

Resource Analyst
Visalia Rescue Mission

Bachelor of Arts (AB) in International Affairs

  • A.B. , University of Georgia 2010 International Affairs
  • A.B.J. , University of Georgia 2010 Public Relations
Pre-Occupation (Hobbies)

I love to explore new places, play tennis and watch college football.

Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

The simulation in Dr. Tessman’s Intro to IR class was epic!

My Top Three Career Tips
If you’re majoring in IA, study abroad and/or work abroad. I did the GLOBIS East Asia study abroad and then moved to China after graduation. The life skills and knowledge you gain from immersing yourself in a completely different culture is priceless. Learn a useful language like Chinese or Spanish. Take as many language classes as you can, then put it to use! Develop specific professional skills on top of your SPIA degree like communications, business management or finance.
Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

Two Story Coffeehouse has amazing coffee and a cozy atmosphere perfect for long study sessions or meeting up with friends.