Jon Goodfriend

Associate Agent
Nationwide Insurance

Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science


BA, The University of Georgia 2014 Political Science

Pre-Occupation (Hobbies)

Fishing, Golfing, Playing with my 2 year old lab Beau.

Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

Dr. Bullock’s Herman Talmadge impersonation

My Top Three Career Tips
  1. Take the time to make connections with people, even if it is outside of your comfort zone to do so.
  2. Be open to opportunities as they come knocking.
  3. Work your tail off!
Volunteer Activities / Service on Boards
  • Member – Central Baptist Church
  • Executive Committee – Douglas County Republican Party
Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway
  • Favorite Hangout: North Campus
  • Favorite Getaway: I didn’t go away when I was a student because there was plenty of activities to do in Athens. From music, to food, to arts, adventure, Athens had it all
Recent Honors / Awards

Participant – Citizen’s Government Academy of Douglas County

A Quotable Quote About My Spia Experience

I would say that I took full advantage of what SPIA and the University of Georgia had to offer me during my time as a student. I was the SPIA Senator for the Student Government Association. I had the opportunity to intern at the General Assembly in Atlanta for a state representative. I made connections with some of Georgia’s key political figures including elected officials, staff, and media personnel. Built relationships with fellow peers and professors. Studied for four years what I was most passionate about.