John C. Kuzenski

Professor of Business Law, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science

Professor of Business Law, Poole College of Management

Adjunct Professor, MPA Program, School of Government, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

General Counsel, Pi Sigma Alpha- The National Political Science Honor Society, Washington, DC.


Ph.D., Political Science, 1993


J.D. with Honors, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (School of Law, 2005)
M.A., Mississippi State University (Political Science, 1987)
B.A., Louisiana State University (Political Science, 1986)

Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

Among many memorable ones, probably being hooded at commencement by Charles S. Bullock III, one of my key doctoral committee members, and a good friend and co-author in a number of later published works. I will always owe Chuck (and Loch K. Johnson) for being a remarkable scholar and a supportive, encouraging friend throughout my UGA years and well, well beyond.

Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

By choice: Steverino’s at Five Points, Downtown generally… just because of the relaxed, classically college-town atmosphere. There are few other cities in America that have the same kind of remarkable, artistic, creative vibe as Athens– and that was particularly so in the heyday of the R.E.M./B-52s/Original 40 Watt Club/etc Era. I also liked the bowling alley sometimes when I needed to throw a hard shiny orb at little helpless things to relax. The library— OOOOHHHH that library. It’s one of UGA’s greatest accomplishments, and it was a major inducement to come to Georgia when I first walked inside of it.

By necessity: I did part-time radio on weekends at WNGC/WGAU, followed by service on the *original* airstaff of MAGIC 102 when it first moved to Athens. It supplemented my graduate assistantship, and it was fun, to boot!