Jason Lewis O’Rouke


Policy Analysis (MPA)

Mr. O’Rouke works with COMM360 clients running for statewide office in Georgia and Alabama, as well as a number of independent expenditures on behalf of candidates for federal office. He combines his experience in both policy analysis and campaign politics to bring a unique approach to both public and private sector clients. O’Rouke’s perspective is that a client should always pursue the right policy first, and design a strategy around the politics second.

  • MPA, The University of Georgia 2011 Policy Analysis
  • AB, The University of Georgia 2006 Political Science
Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

Playing “Star Power” in Dr. Jeff Wenger’s Policy Analysis 1 class. It makes you think really hard about human nature and how good-intentioned policy makers can be influenced by the acquisition of wealth and power. It was fun to see classmates who had espoused very egalitarian political views be ruthless and cutthroat in attempt to win a meaningless game.

My Top Three Career Tips
  1. Don’t be afraid to explore a non-traditional career path within the public sector. You might have to work on a campaign, as a volunteer, or on a part-time basis at first, but you’re well-equipped to do jobs that require creativity and resourcefulness.
  2. SPIA isn’t like other schools that place you into a clear track towards a very specific job. Get creative and use some of the skills you’ve learned in areas that your average college graduate isn’t considering.
  3. Don’t ever consider any job to be beneath you. So many people graduate college and think that their degree has earned them the right to their dream job. It takes a lot of hard work to get to your dream job. You might start out doing data entry or putting out yard signs, but if you constantly excel at those jobs, people will notice and you’ll move up fast.
Volunteer Activities / Service on Boards

UGA School of Public and International Affairs Alumni Board, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Alumni Advisor

Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

Boars Head Lounge, but don’t tell my parents. I spent more weeknights there than I probably should have. During grad school, it was definitely the basement at Walkers for MPA karaoke.


SPIA doesn’t teach you a trade like some other schools, it teaches you how to think about the world. You learn the basic fundamentals of politics and policy, and apply that to your viewpoint. SPIA is a great school for anyone who has a passion for change who wants to take a hard look at their own philosophical beliefs and to also better understand the beliefs of others.