Francesca Teresa Amodeo

Communications Director & Legislative Assistant, U.S. Representative John Carney (D-DE, At Large)

Bachelor of Arts (AB) in International Affairs, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Romance Languages

As the Communications Director for Congressman John Carney (D-DE, At large) Francesca manages the day-to-day operations of an active, state-wide press office. Francesca also works on the Congressman’s Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Veterans legislative portfolio. Her main duties include writing speeches, remarks, and op-eds for the member; speaking and coordinating with the media on his behalf; advising the member on legislative issues; and planning district and DC press events.


BA, International Affairs, 2013
BA, Romance Languages, 2013

Pre-Occupation (Hobbies)
Reading, hiking, yoga
Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

My most memorable SPIA class moment was hearing from a Holocaust survivor in Dr. Legge’s class.

My Top Three Career Tips

My number one tip for any student (especially those looking for a career in DC) is to get an internship. If possible, get multiple internships! It’s such a great opportunity to learn and to get a feel for different career options. My second tip (which goes along the same lines) is to get an internship if you don’t get a job immediately after you graduate. It may require a little humility, but it’s much better than a blank space on your resume, and it’s something I think employers really care about. Lastly, I’d say to be prepared to move around a lot when you’re young (and to take risks!) Especially in DC — it’s normal to only stay in a job for a year or two. This can sound a little scary, but it’s a really great opportunity!

Volunteer Activities / Service on Boards

UGA Washington Semester Program Mentor

Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

My favorite Athens hangout was probably Walkers downtown. It was a great place to casually study (but not get too in the weeds) and to hang out with friends.