Emily Elizabeth Fountain

High School English Teacher
Teach for America - University Heights Preparatory Academy

Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science & Journalism

Currently, Ms. Fountain is a member of Teach for America and fulfilling her commitment in Indianapolis, IN where she teaches eleventh and twelfth grade English. Teach for America, as an organization, places corps members in high poverty and urban areas in order to help combat the achievement gap. Teaching in a high school in Indianapolis that is almost entirely free and reduced lunch mirrors this mission. While her work is that of a typical first year teacher, it comes with the added stressors of teaching a population of students in schools that are usually underfunded, understaffed, and underperforming.


AB, The University of Georgia 2013, Political Science & Journalism

Pre-Occupation (Hobbies)

Running collegiately at UGA forced running to become a core tenant of my life and something that I truly love. While running is certainly my biggest hobby, I would also say that I enjoy multiple types of fitness activities- specifically yoga and hiking. The other “hobby” I have is hardly a hobby, because it is not something I do on the side. Reading is, and has always been, a first love- be it books, articles, news, etc.

Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

This one is easy- it would have to go to Dr. Charles Bullock in what is now one of the most anticipated moments in his Southern Politics class: his impersonation of Gene Talmadge, red suspenders and all.

My Top Three Career Tips
As a student also just beginning my career, my base of knowledge is limited. However, if I had to think of three things that I have seen benefit me during the past year, I think they would be the following: 1. Stay in contact with professors or mentors you made at UGA, as these people become invaluable resources as you move forward and often have incredible advice. 2. Don’t lose sight of your own health; compromising health, diet, and fitness will not make anyone any happier. 3. Make a schedule and stick to it. This ties into both the former point and other hobbies that you have. If I know I have a busy week, I will wake up at 5 am to run if that is what it takes. While this is a temporary inconvenience, it is more important to maintain/build healthy habits. Often the things we do for ourselves are the things we let fall to the wayside first and the things we pick back up last.
Volunteer Activities / Service on Boards

Student Government Association, SPIA Senator (2012-2013) SPIA Ambassador (2012-2013) University Council (2012-2013) Georgia Political Review, Managing Editor (2013)

Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

I tend to think Athens is kind of this magical place where there are a variety of different things to do. But, if I had to choose a favorite, I would say the botanical gardens. On Saturday’s or Sunday’s during my time at UGA I would run down and through the trails in the botanical gardens. The sunrise during those runs was a really special time and captured a part of Athens that I think sometimes gets lost in translation. While Athens has a great location relative to other places, I also think Athens itself is a great location. During college, I remained pretty busy and as a result, this did not leave a lot of time to get away. However, I think for me, this is often about entering into a mindset rather than a specific place. As someone who loves nature (and ideally would like to wander off into the mountains) I often found the places that I would get away to were the trails in Athens herself.

Recent Honors / Awards

Teach for America Corps Member, 2013 International Peace and Security Institute, The Hague Symposium, Summer 2014 Participant Phi Beta Kappa George Abney Award: Grady’s Most Outstanding Student, 2013 HAEF/Fulbright Finalist, 2013 SPIA Convocation Speaker, 2013 Honors in Washington Recipient, 2012- US House of Representatives Center for Undergraduate Research, Best Paper Award 2012


When I think about the reasons that I came to love UGA the answer is largely 2-fold: the honors program and SPIA. Through these outlets, and specifically SPIA, I found the atmosphere of a much smaller school at a large research university. Additionally, and what I think found most, was and is passion. With a young and energized faculty, it is hard for this not to produce an outgrowth in students. I think this is perhaps the largest strength of our school: how individual passions contribute to a growing and engaging culture.