Abigail Williams

Ministry Intern, University of Georgia Wesley Foundation

Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science

Abigail works as a ministry intern at the Wesley Foundation at the University of Georgia. Her roles at Wesley include mentoring eight UGA students in their faith on a weekly basis and playing a crucial role in the execution of the weekly Wednesday night worship services. She is also involved on two ministries within the Wesley Foundation called Connect and Dance, carrying out several different tasks within each ministry. These tasks are often relational and also include administrative and organizational duties.


BA, Political Science, 2015

Pre-Occupation (Hobbies)

I enjoy baking, making music, enjoying time with friends and family, crafting, writing, drawing, spending time in nature, and much more.

Most Memorable SPIA Class Moment?

A couple moments stand out to me. One time one of our classes had a debate over security versus liberty, and it got pretty dramatic and comical.

My Top Three Career Tips

I would encourage them to begin networking early in their studies, at least by junior or senior year. Also, I would say to try to choose their classes early so they can really enjoy and give themselves to studying the topics. Lastly, it would probably be helpful to get involved in one of the campus organizations that interests them.

Volunteer Activities / Service on Boards

Most of the work I do right now is through the Wesley Foundation, which is full time but unpaid.

Favorite Athens Haunt & Getaway

I really love the Botanical Gardens because I like being surrounded by nature. It feels very peaceful and gives me a break from all of Athens’ commotion.