Uzma Chowdhury plans to earn two bachelor’s degrees, one master’s degree and three minors when she graduates from UGA in spring 2014. In her words: "the overwhelming variety of opportunities provided by UGA. In addition to my double majors in English and Political Science, I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in English, while also learning three different languages, French, Spanish and Arabic. Where else could I embrace such a fantastic variety of academic pursuits? In addition to the academic flexibility offered, I have been able to participate extensively in the service-learning programs at the university. In addition to the university itself, Athens, is one of the most incredible cities I’ve ever experienced. It’s gorgeous, full of good food, good music, art and there’s always something going on. All of these aspects really made my decision to attend UGA very easy."

The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is the home for all issues related to the undergraduate experience in SPIA. We help continuing, new, and prospective students understand our programs and learning opportunities through academic advising; partnerships with SPIA academic departments, centers, and student organizations; and a broad range of programming aimed at intellectual engagement with public affairs, career readiness, and experiential learning.

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs of the School of Public and International Affairs is:

  • to provide a holistic approach to student support services, including academic advising;
  • to assist the school, departments, and students with undergraduate issues;
  • and to encourage student-faculty interactions as an important part of the curriculum.

The Office of Student Affairs team works towards this mission in several different ways. We provide high-quality academic advising for all SPIA undergraduates in individual and group settings conducted by conscientious and well trained advising professionals. We assist students with meeting their educational and career goals through academic planning, presentation of experiential learning opportunities, and referrals to other campus resources when appropriate. We certify the completion of requirements and graduation of all SPIA undergraduates to the registrar.  Office staff cooperates with the leadership and faculty in the areas of academic appeals, curricular development and maintenance, and enhancement of student life with data-rich support for decision-making. The office staff also enhances the undergraduate experience in SPIA through facilitation of extra-curricular events and activities which promote student involvement and professional development across the SPIA community and career-readiness in public and international affairs.

Additionally, we serve the SPIA community by acting as liaison with other appropriate UGA entities and by participating in campus-wide committees related to undergraduate issues. Office of Student Affairs staff acts as the gateway for information on academic and co-curriculuar programs in SPIA to prospective students, their support networks, and other external constituencies.

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Got questions?

Office of Student Affairs

Joe Davis

Undergraduate Adviser

Office: 108 Candler Hall

Phone: 706/542-8978



John A. Lauckner

Academic Advisor

Office: Candler Hall

Phone: 706-542-4114