Brock Tessman is a teacher with striking enthusiasm, brilliance and empathy, and a gift for making all he touches seem genuinely exciting to his students. As an assistant professor in the School of Public and International Affairs, Tessman teaches courses from introductory international relations to special topics classes on foreign policy, security and international conflict. In just a few short years at UGA, Tessman has facilitated undergraduates in publishing original work in social science journals and presenting papers at academic conferences, helped them move on to top-tier graduate programs, created a working group that acts as a laboratory for learning and seen his students compete as finalists for the Rhodes and Truman Scholarships.

Current Undergraduates

SPIA students are among the best and brightest in the country. In recent years, we have had winners of Rhodes Scholarships, Truman Scholarships, and numerous other notable awards that recognize the achievements of our students.

While the caliber of SPIA’s student body continues to be impressive, so too, are the accomplishments of the School’s faculty. As a student at the School of Public and International Affairs, you will be studying with award-winning teacher-scholars who are devoted to excellence both in the classroom and in their areas of research. U.S. News & World Report continues to rank the School’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program in the top four programs in the nation, ranked 4th (ahead of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University at #5). Whether you are looking for an undergraduate or graduate program, you will find a rigorous and rewarding learning environment at UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs.

The School of Public and International Affairs offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with two separate undergraduate majors:

Get advised

As a currently enrolled student, you must be advised each term before you pre-register for the next term’s classes. Your advisor will review your progress and discuss course options for your degree requirements; and, you will receive an advisement form with remaining degree requirements. After you have been advised your advisor will clear you for registration.

Advising appointments are times generally reserved for the planning of coursework and “clearing” students to Register, and should be made each semester.

All SPIA students may make an advising appointment on-line through SARA (Student Advising and Registration Assistant) at Appointment-making starts for everyone on Wednesday, September 7th. Your first available appointment is based upon the number of hours which you have completed:

  • 90 + hours* . . . . Sept. 3rd
  • 75+ hours . . . . Sept. 16th
  • 60+ hours** . . . . Sept. 30rd
  • 45+ hours . . . . Oct. 14th
  • <45 hours . . . . Oct. 28th

* Honors students with 75 + hours and students registered with DRC^
** Honors students with < 75 hours

You can learn your overall hours on OASIS by choosing the “Student Records Main Menu,” then “View Courses Previously Taken.” The “overall hours” are listed in the lower right-hand corner. If you have a problem making an appointment, please call the front desk at (706) 542 0096.

Access to major-level courses is largely determined by when you are advised. At your appointment, you will be assigned no more than two PODs* for major-level courses. Students who need only one major course to complete requirements, will be assigned one POD. If you need three, then you will seek the third via late addition POM* courses or as soon as OASIS opens on Reading Day (Dec. 8th) when unused POD seats change to POM seats.

Walk-In Hours for follow-up questions related to advising or other issues (study abroad, internships, etc.) are from 2 to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These times are not for advising and being cleared for registration; that requires an advising appointment.

No Show Policy: If a student misses his/her advising appointment, then he/she is be required to attend a special “no-show” advising time. This will negatively affect the student’s access to classes. Please contact the advising office for no-show advisement times.

Study Abroad & D.C. Program Advising: If you are abroad or in D.C. please e-mail your adviser directly for advising via e-mail.

DRC Students: Please bring your letter of accommodations which you show to your instructors to the front desk of Candler Hall so that we can update your advising status appropriately. We cannot independently identify students registered with DRC.

*POD & POM stand for “Permission of Department” and “Permission of Major,” respectively. POD means that each seat is assigned to an individual student and only that student can access the seat. POM means that OASIS checks a student’s major and, if the major is allowed and there is space in the course, allows the student to register for the class.

SPIA Advising News & Updates

There's a lot going on here at the School of Public and International Affairs. And there's going to be a lot going on in your life here on campus. So we'll make it easy for you.  Follow us @SPIAdvis and we'll keep you posted on the latest academic advising and graduation news. We'll keep you updated on meetings, let you know when deadlines are approaching, send you subtle reminders, maybe even make a suggestion or two that might change your life. Yep. That can happen. Follow us @SPIAdvis. We have a blog, too. 

By The Numbers


UGA ranks 5th among the top 20 research universities in the number of students studying abroad. Nearly 30 percent of UGA undergraduates are involved in some form of international education each year. UGA is 2nd in the number of students who travel on short-term study abroad.

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Director of Undergraduate Student Services

Office: 103 Candler Hall

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