Maddison Knick

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Maddison began her journey at the University of Georgia as an undergraduate student, completing her B.A. in Sociology with coursework and experience in human resources management, local government, economic development and community outreach. It was during this time that she was selected to join the Governor’s Intern Program in the spring of 2014 where she worked in workforce development. She also served as the Finance intern for Jackson County Government where she designed the 2015 Popular Annual Financial Report (Citizen’s Budget in Brief).


Maddison Knick currently serves as a Procurement Specialist for the University of Georgia Finance and Administration division. Maddison is responsible for collaboration with campus customers, colleagues, and the vendor community to acquire the supplies, equipment, and services needed by the University for teaching, research, and service activities. She has been nominated by leadership to serve on the University Business and Accounting Services Spark Committee.


Maddison Knick is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a dual concentration in local government administration and public budgeting and finance. Upon graduation, Maddison plans to continue her career in public service.

Expected Graduation: Fall 2017


Bachelor of Arts, the University of Georgia, 2014, Sociology

Of Note

-Certificate in Human Resources Management, the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education

-Governor’s Intern Program, 2014

-Recipient of the 100 Hours of Service Award, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

-Georgia Students for Public Administration member

-International City/County Management Association member

-Georgia Certified Purchasing Associate, State Purchasing Division of the Department of Administrative Services

– University Business and Accounting Services Spark Committee member

Research Interests

Maddison’s research interests include community and economic development, local government administration, and environmental sustainability.