Laitin Beecham

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Laitin W. Beecham is from Munford, TN, and completed his undergraduate course work at the University of Memphis. While attending the University of Memphis, Laitin was highly involved in many student organizations where he was able to grow as a servant leader leading him into a career based on serving others.

While in High School I always stood out amongst my peers as being the guy who always spoke up and took initiative when no one else would. This led me to obtain a full tuition leadership based scholarship at the University of Memphis. During my tenure at the University of Memphis I wanted to study something that honed in on my leadership skills. I chose political science because I had an interest in politics and our politicians are some of our greatest leaders. Simultaneously, I became heavily involved in many different aspects of campus life. This led me to learn not just in the classroom but within the organizations themselves. My involvement through SGA and Fraternity Life really made clear to me what being a servant leader was all about. Because of my heavy involvement with those two different organizations I was able to network with many campus administrators and national alumni. My skills in organizing events and people, raising money for philanthropies, marketing the organizations to new students, and leading by example led me to be inducted into the highest honor one can receive at the University of Memphis, the Carson Circle. The same reasons led me to also be recognized by my Fraternity as the 2015 International Chapter President of the Year. My work in helping the community and leading by example led me to begin a field of study where I can maximize those skills, and make a serious impact in my future community.


Bachelor of Arts/University of Memphis/Class of 2015/Political Science

Of Note

Magna Cum Laude, Mr. University of Memphis Finalists, Fraternity Man of the Year, Carnival Memphis Collegiate Leader of the Year, Carson’s Circle, Outstanding Emerging Leader Graduate, 2015 ZBT Jerome Heffer International Chapter President of the Year

Research Interests

My research interest is really focused on servant leadership within the nonprofit community. I am a firm believer in our best leaders are in the field helping those who are less fortunate or have come across some hardship. Building off of that, many people have different styles of being a force for good in the nonprofit world. Being a servant leader is one that I am most familiar. What are other ways or what are some different styles of leadership those who are involved in the nonprofit world possess? Furthermore, I know what made me want to help those who are less fortunate, but what props someone into wanting to make a career out of helping those cannot help themselves? Is it personal history, an incident, or something else entirely?