Jeff Auerbach

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Jeff Auerbach is a PhD candidate in comparative politics interested in understanding personal economies and health.  He lives with his wife and house full of animals.

  • B.A.,University of Alabama 2009, Anthropology & Theatre
  • M.A., University of Southern Mississippi 2014, Nutritional Anthropology
More About

Jeff Auerbach is a PhD candidate in comparative politics.  He is currently the recipient of the W. Tapley Bennett Scholarship.  His work is largely interdisciplinary spanning political science, public health, and economic history and brings in his previously published work in anthropology.  He obtained his BA from the University of Alabama and his MA from the University of Southern Mississippi where he won multiple awards for graduate research and presentation.  He is a Georgia native who lives with his wife and an impressive menagerie, and when he is not doing political science he can usually be found in the garden or kitchen.

Of Note
  • W. Tapley Bennett Scholarship- 2016-17
Research Interests

My interests lie at the intersection of political science and public health.  I am particularly interested in food and food security and how those issues relate to more traditional areas of politics and security.  This research also places me within areas traditionally covered by economic history.