Andrei Pshenichnyi

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

I was graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities with a bachelor and master degree in Sociology. After the graduation I decided to start my career in a nonprofit sector as a volunteer at the beginning. After several years I became responsible for finance management, legality and accounting in an international nonprofit organisation AIESEC where more than one thousand international volunteers work. The organization goal is to develop leadership skills among russian youth. This experience totally changed my personality. I realized two things. First is how many problems Russian society has. Second is that I can solve many problems providing leadership skills for Russian students. I believe that my professional career can make a great positive impact on Russian society. Also I understood that it is not possible to solve any problems working alone in a nonprofit organisation. The most efficient way is when government, nonprofits, business work together. Therefore, I decided to get knowledge how to build strong relationships between all parts of Russian society. I hope a degree in Public Administration in University of Georgia will help me in my desires.


Master and Bachelor degreeĀ in Sociology | Russian State University for the Humanities | 2010 | Sociology: Political PR, Business PR and Advertising

Of Note
  • Fulbright Scholarship. A grant within the Fulbright Graduate Students Program for pursuing Master’s degree in the USA (2016);
  • The Opportunity Award. A grant provided by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, supports talented international students with the application process to U.S. higher education institutions) (2014) and (2015);
  • The Best Vice-President for Finance in AIESEC in Russia (Annual Personal Award) (2012);
  • The Best Graduate of Russian State University for the Humanities (2010);
  • The Silver Medal for Excellent Studying (The main Russian High School Award) (2005).
Research Interests

My research interest is government and nonprofits relationships. Especially I want to know how to make the partnership more efficient in solving local problems. Also I am interested in GR and financial management in nonprofit organisations.