Joshua Darnell

Center for International Trade and Security (CITS)
Research Associate

Curriculum Vitae

Center for International Trade and Security (CITS)

Joshua Darnell is a research professional at the Center for International Trade and Security in Athens, Georgia.  He has also served as an instructor at the University of Georgia, preparing and teaching undergraduate-level courses in comparative politics, the global defense trade, and proliferation studies.

More About

Josh has conducted training for numerous international audiences on issues pertaining to strategic trade management, regulation of the conventional arms trade, and the UN Arms Trade Treaty.  Prior to working with CITS, Josh served as an infantry officer in the United State Army, where he specialized in unit-level strategy and battlefield logistics. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in international relations and American politics at the University of Georgia.

His research interests include the relationship between foreign policy and the global defense trade, the diffusion of security behaviors across regions, and the effects of multilateral regimes on the executive decision-making process.