Jeffrey Glas

Lecturer, Department of Political Science


B.S. Political Science – Kennesaw State University (2007)

M.A. Political Science – Georgia State University (2011)

Ph.D. Political Science – Georgia State University (2015)

Areas of Expertise

Political Psychology

Public Opinion

Media Politics

Political Campaigning

Quantitative Methodology

Experimental Methodology

Course Instruction

POLS 4150 – Intro. Research Methodology

POLS 4550 – Mass Media and Government

POLS 4650 – State Politics

Selected Publications

Glas, J. The Silver Screen and Authoritarianism: How Popular Films Activate Latent Personality Dispositions and Affect American Political Attitudes, American Politics Research, Forthcoming

Glas, J There is Nothing ‘Wrong’ with Kansas: The Effect of Race and Economics on Voting Correctly in United States Presidential Elections, Presidential Studies Quarterly, 2016

Glas, J The Unintended Consequences of Congressional Action: Judicial Conviction Rates After Congressional Sentencing Reform, The Justice System Journal, 2015

Glas, J Earmarks and Elections to the US House of Representatives, Congress and the Presidency, 2012