Student Profiles


Kimberley Allonce

Austin Arrowood


My name is Austin Arrowood and I am an MPA student at the University of Georgia. ...

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D. Keith Atkins, Jr.

Organization Theory and Behavior

Originally from South Carolina, I received my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees from The University of Georgia. After working as a public service assistant for the UGA Small Business Development Center for six years, I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in...

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Doug Atkinson

International Relations

Doug Atkinson is a doctoral student at the University of Georgia. His research interests include international security as well as conflict. ...

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Casey Aultman

Higher Education Administration

By day, I work at the crossroads of government decision-making and higher education administration. In my free time, I try to capture as much inspiration as I can to make sure my job continues to make a difference in an innovative way. ...

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Stephen Bagwell

Comparative Politics

I am PhD student at the University of Georgia. I enjoy teaching, my international political economy research, and basketball. ...

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Kristen Baker

Public Policy

Kristen Baker received her undergraduate degree from Rhodes College in Political Science and English literature and is now a first year Masters in Public Administration student with a major in public policy. ...

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Gordon Ballingrud

Judicial Politics, Political Theory

Gordon is a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia, researching judicial decision-making. He was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, received his Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College, and his Master of Arts from Duke University. ...

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Rachel Bitecofer

American Politics, (Minor in Law & Courts)

Rachel Bitecofer is a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Georgia specializing in American Politics. ...

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Ethan Bolt

American Politics

Benjamin Brunjes

Public Management

Ben is a Ph.D. student interested in public management. He is currently conducting research on representative bureaucracy, collaborative management, and contracting out for services. Over the long-term, he hopes to further the knowledge of the implications of the “hollow...

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Jessie Bruno

Public Policy

Bryan Black

American Politics

Bryan Black is a doctoral student at the University of Georgia specializing in American politics. His research interests includes political institutions, specifically the judiciary, and American political development.” ...

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Brittany Bullock

Bridgette Burton

Nonprofit Administration and Higher Education

Bridgette is a young arts leader with hopes to continue a career in arts administration and seeks to find experiences that will enhance her growth and enable her to spread arts education across the world ...

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Scott Cambers

Yoon Kyoung Cho

Public Budgeting and Finance

Robert Cooper

American Politics

Audrey Coots

I am a part-time MPA student at UGA Gwinnett and a full-time state employee with aspirations of working in health policy and government affairs. ...

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Rachel Courtault

Public Policy and Nonprofit Administration

Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I earned a BA in Government & Legal Studies and Environmental Studies from Bowdoin College before moving back down South. Now I am working full-time in the Department of Economics at the University of Georgia as I complete my MPA....

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