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Richard Petty, Jr.

1973 AB, Political Science

Title: Retired Teacher

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Don Bower

1989 PhD, Public Administration

Title: Professor Emeritus

Company: The University of Georgia

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Douglas Harden

2005 AB, International Affairs

Title: Information Protection/Policy

Company: United States Department of Energy

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Roger Hartley

1999 PhD, Political Science

Title: Dean

Company: College of Public Affairs, University of Baltimore

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Christopher Goodman

2012 PhD, Public Administration

Title: Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Company: University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Virginia Burks

1998 MPA,

Title: Director of Cost Analysis

Company: NC State University

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Ronald Gaddie

1993 PhD, Political Science

Title: Professor and Chair

Company: Department of Political Science, The University of Oklahoma

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Joseph Joyner

2011 MIP, International Policy

Noah Mink

2008 AB, Political Science & Cognitive Science

Title: Attorney

Company: Baker Botts LLP

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William Barkley

1987 AB, Political Science

Title: Attorney

Company: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

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Chris Wright

2001 AB, Political Science & Criminal Justice

Title: Criminal Investigator

Company: U.S. Department of Justice

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Matt Berry

2009 AB, Political Science

Title: Senior Associate

Company: KPMG LLP

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Lisa Dixon

2001 AB, Political Science

Title: Operations Manager

Company: Pace Lighting

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Lisa Wood

1985 AB, Political Science

Title: Chief Judge

Company: United States District Court, Southern District of Georgia

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Alison Robinson

2003 AB, Political Science

Title: Television Marketing Manager

Company: Relativity Europa Distribution

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Danny Bass

1972 AB, Political Science

Title: Criminal Justice/Criminology Instructor

Company: Georgia Gwinnett College

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Jon Goodfriend

2014 BA, Political Science

Title: Associate Agent

Company: Nationwide Insurance

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James Borders

2011 PhD, Political Science & International Affairs

Title: Lieutenant Colonel and Chief, International Affairs and Defense Policy

Company: United States Air Force

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Philip Ward

2005 AB, Comparative Literature, Minor: Art History

Title: Associate Attorney

Company: The Anastopoulo Law Firm

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Joshua Heard

2007 AB, Political Science & International Affairs

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: AT&T

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