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J. Ryan Brown

Title: J.D. Candidate

Company: Georgia State University College of Law

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Elizabeth Fennell

2006 AB, Political Science

Title: Senior Development Analyst

Company: City of Hope

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Jeremy Knowles

2011 AB, International Affairs

Title: Business Development

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Mark Wheeler II

2014 AB, International Affairs

David Dove

2009 AB, Political Science

Title: Assistant Deputy Secretary of State & Legal Counsel

Company: Georgia Secretary of State's Office

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Coty Thigpen

2006 AB, Political Science

Title: City Clerk

Company: City of Alpharetta

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J. Ellenberg

2013 AB, Political Science

Title: Government Affairs Associate

Company: Southern Company

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Abigail Lloyd

2013 MPA, Specialization in Public Policy

Title: Policy Analyst

Company: Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

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Rachel Osnos

Title: Looking for the next challenge!

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John Ronquillo

2011 PhD, Public Administration

Title: Assistant Professor of Nonprofit and Public Management

Company: University of Colorado Denver

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Brandon Howell

2013 AB, Political Science

Title: Account Director

Company: Hynes Communications

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Belle Doss

2013 AB, International Affairs

Title: Assistant Clerk for Administrative Services

Company: Georgia General Assembly - House of Representatives

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Bradley Chilton

1988 PhD, Political Science

Title: Professor & Chair

Company: Department of Public Administration, University of Texas at El Paso

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Kelby Lamar

2011 AB, Political Science

Title: Chapter Liaison

Company: Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society

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James Price

2010 BA, International Affairs

Title: Compliance Officer

Company: Zions Bancorporation Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

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Brian Mink

2011 AB, Political Science

Title: Associate

Company: McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

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Rachel Baker

2011 AB, International Affairs

Title: Project Manager

Company: Allen-Smith Consulting, Inc.

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Matthew Ralson

2012 AB, Political Science

Title: Legislative Research Analyst

Company: TroutmanSanders

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Rebecca McCormack

2013 AB, Political Science

Company: Office of Congressman Rob Woodall

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Chelsea Mellin

2014 MPA,

Title: Social Media Manager

Company: Vermont Hills Family Life Center

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