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Rebecca McCormack

2013 AB, Political Science

Company: Office of Congressman Rob Woodall

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Chelsea Mellin

2014 MPA,

Title: Social Media Manager

Company: Vermont Hills Family Life Center

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Donavan Eason

2009 AB, Political Science

Title: Law Student

Company: Washington & Lee University

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Arthur Tripp, Jr.

2009 AB, Political Science

Title: Legislative Assistant

Company: United States Congress

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Aubrey Southall

2009 AB, Political Science

Title: ESOL & Social Studies High School Teacher

Company: Fulton County Schools

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Brad Harris

2009 AB, International Affairs

Title: Staff Attorney

Company: The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola North America Group

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Laura (L.A.) Davis

AB, International Affairs

Title: Campaign Operative

Company: Terra Strategies

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David Mason

1973 AB, Political Science

Title: Johnie Christian Family Professor of Peace Studies, Regents Professor of Political Science

Company: University of North Texas

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Kristen Moreaux

2011 AB, Political Science

Title: Director of Programs

Company: Georgia Department of Economic Development, Workforce Division

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Tracie Sanchez

2011 MPA, Public Administration

Title: Program Coordinator

Company: Decatur Active Living and Georgia Trail Summit

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Benjamin Lindsey

2003 AB, Political Science

Title: Claim Agent

Company: Norfolk Southern Corp.

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Doug Roberts

AB, Political Science

Title: Legislative Assistant

Company: Florida Senate

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Daniel Smith

PhD, Public Administration

Title: Associate Professor of Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Company: New York University

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Mark Daniels

1979 PhD, Political Science

Title: Psychiatric Mental Health Registered Nurse

Company: Oregon State Hospital

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Daniel Coats

2010 AB, Political Science

Title: Senior Account Executive

Company: Stoneridge Group

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J. Lee Weems

2004 MPA,

Title: Chief Deputy and Instructor

Company: Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office

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Libby Fennell

2006 AB, Political Science

Title: Development Analyst II

Company: The University of Georgia

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Benjamin Clark

PhD, Public Administration

Title: Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Public Health

Company: Cleveland State University

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Dr. Vivian Greentree

2001 AB, Political Science & Journalism

Title: Senior Vice President, Head of Military Affairs

Company: First Data Corps

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Mary Beth Hutchins

2005 AB, Political Science

Title: Communications Director

Company: Cause of Action

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