Tue, July 7, 2015

SPIA In 60 Seconds

  • Justwan Joins Idaho Faculty

    The 2014-2015 academic year was a great year for job placements by Georgia's Political Science and International Affairs Ph.D. graduates. Most recently, Florian Justwan has accepted a faculty position at the University of Idaho, starting this fall. All total, five of our Ph.D. students accepted tenure-track positions, meaning that they will have the opportunity to earn tenure after several years at their new institutions. In addition to Florian's new position, Chris Hare is joining the University of California at Davis, Sarah Fisher is joining Emory and Henry College, Melanie Kolbe will be joining the Graduate School of International and Development Study in Switzerland, and Mark Owens is joining the University of Texas at Tyler. For more information about Florian Justwan's work, see: http://florianjustwan.com/

  • Alumna Takes Fellowship Abroad

    For SPIA alumna Kendra Pengelly, her dreams of working in international policy have become a reality, and she has the School to thank. “I graduated in December of 2014 and started working for the European Parliament Liaison Office with US Congress at the beginning of the New Year,” said Pengelly. “ I analyze legislation and policies vital to the trans-atlantic relationship between the EU and the US.” As the Robert Schuman Fellow at the European Parliament Liaison Office with US Congress, Pengelly focuses on policy relevant to homeland security, cyber security, international trade, counterterrorism, nuclear security, international human rights, and the Middle East. She works alongside eleven European Parliament Senior staffers to encourage trans-atlantic dialogue.

  • Hands on Learning

    This month, Dr. Berejikian hosted the AP European History class from Cedar Shoals High School. Using his interactive policy computer games, he brought international relations to life for these lucky students. The day started with a lecture and training workshop, and moved to the hands-on computer simulation in the afternoon.  Dr. Berejikian provided each team with research topics and histories of their chosen countries, allowing the students to prepare for the day. Competing as major power players in interwar Europe, the students learned about cooperation, diplomacy, peace, and war.  Running back and forth across the room, the team leaders negotiated terms of roads, schools, and bridges, allowing each student a unique opportunity to learn policy through play.

  • Professor Diehl Delivers Lecture

    Paul F. Diehl, the Henning Larsen Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and President-elect of the International Studies Association (ISA), delivered an invited talk at the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) at the University of Georgia entitled: “Not Taking One Thing at a Time: The Interdependence of Peace Operation Outcomes.” The talk detailed an ambitious new research agenda on the short- and long-term effectiveness of global peacekeeping and peacebuilding measures. This new agenda intends to answer important theoretical and policy-related questions about the use of peacekeeping operations through international organizations such as the United Nations and to improve their overall effectiveness in the long-run.

Faculty news

Dr. Khripunov publishes op-ed in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Jun 2015 CITS Distinguished Fellow and SPIA adjunct professor Dr. Igor Khripunov published an op-ed in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists entitled "A culture of security: Focus for the next Nuclear Security Summit?" The article focuses on the evolving debate on nuclear security culture and the role of nuclear security culture in the discussions at the Nuclear Security Summits.

Faculty News

Professor Whitford Appointed to NAPA Panel

Jun 2015 Dr. Andy Whitford was appointed as a panel member for the next National Academy of Public Administration’s (NAPA) Federal Leaders Digital Insight Study in Washington D.C. This annual report surveys Federal leaders’ perspectives on government’s implementation of technology to best serve its constituencies. Whitford, a professor of public policy, says this high-profile opportunity to provide expertise to NAPA on an increasingly important topic is “an honor." “My colleagues in the Department of Public Administration and Policy have been especially supportive in allowing me to respond to opportunities like this that create goodwill for UGA in Washington, DC."

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  • Davis, Joe

    Undergraduate Adviser


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