Mon, May 2, 2016

SPIA In 60 Seconds

  • Nunn, Perry Give Charter Lecture

    The U.S. and the Soviet Union came horrifyingly close to nuclear disaster on several occasions during the Cold War, said former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry during the April 26 University of Georgia Charter Lecture co-hosted by the School of Public and International Affairs. 

    However, Perry and former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn said the world is no safer from a nuclear threat now than it has been in the 71 years since the last nuclear weapons were used over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Instead, the speakers said the threat might be getting more acute with nine nations now believed to have nuclear weapons, plus the efforts by Iran and North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons and the threat of terrorists constructing and detonating a rudimentary "dirty bomb" from radiological materials. For the full story, click here

  • Putnam Navigates Delegate Rules

    Josh Putnam, a lecturer in the political science department, has been all over the news lately. His most recent interview aired on February 6, 2016 on PBS Newshour. His blog, Frontloading HQ, is featured in the story as he uses the platform to help decipher the often-complicated delegate rules that vary from state to state.  For more information about the blog, click here. To watch the full interview, click here.

  • Wright Elected to NAPA

    Congratulations to Public Administration and Policy Department Head and Professor Bradley Wright for being elected as a National Academy of Public Administration Fellow.  He joins Professor Rainey, Professor Whitford, and Professor O’Toole in this distinguished group.  NAPA Fellows are selected in recognition of a lifelong contribution to the public service and is one of the highest national honors for public servants, researchers and lecturers.  The National Academy of Public Administration is a non-partisan organization chartered by the US Congress in 1965 to improve the practice of public management by recognizing excellence in the public service and by conducting management studies and technical assistance for all levels of government.

  • New CITS Director, Dr. Jones

    SPIA is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Scott Jones as Director of the Center for International Trade and Security beginning July 1, 2015. With twenty years’ experience at the Center, Dr. Jones is highly qualified to lead this important organization at the School. We thank Professor William Keller for his dedicated service as Director over the past four and one-half years, during which time he worked tirelessly to further the Center’s mission. For the full story, click here

In The News

CITS hosts training for Chinese nuclear security center

Apr 2016 CITS hosted a two week training program for a delegation from the China State Nuclear Security Technology Center (SNSTC), led by Deputy Director General Mr. LI, Sen from April 4 – 15, 2016 in Athens, Georgia. CITS and SNSTC enjoy a continuous collaboration in nuclear trade compliance and nuclear security culture. This exchange is part of a two-year program designed to provide capacity building and an innovative approach for the newly established Center of Excellence (CoE) in China. The project is generously supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY)

Student News

SPIA Student Receives Carnegie Junior Research Fellowship

Apr 2016 University of Georgia Honors student Bert Thompson Jr. has been awarded a Carnegie Junior Research Fellowship, becoming one of just 14 young scholars from across the nation to join the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as a research assistant. Thompson, who is from Macon, is expected to graduate in May with a double major in international affairs from the UGA School of Public and International Affairs and history from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. His fellowship will center on nuclear nonproliferation, a subject that has surrounded his coursework and experiential learning at UGA.

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Up Close

  • Fern, Rebecca

    Administrative Assistant

    Becky joined the Department of Political Science in 2014. She is responsible for assisting in directing and managing of the department's accounting services. Becky was born and raised in Athens, and she is a proud UGA graduate and UGA mom....

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    Maltese, John A.

    Albert Berry Saye Professor

    John Anthony Maltese is the Albert Berry Saye Professor of American Government and Constitutional Law and a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor. He is currently Head of the Department of Political Science....

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    Atkins, D. Keith

    Major: Organization Theory and Behavior

    Originally from South Carolina, I received my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees from The University of Georgia. After working as a public service assistant for the UGA Small Business Development Center for six years, I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration and...

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  • Putnam


    Josh Putnam joined the UGA Political Science faculty in August 2015 as a lecturer after a similar stints at Wake Forest, Davidson College and Appalachian State University. ...

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    Campbell, Briana

    Major: Nonprofit Administration

    Haire, Susan B.


    Susan Haire received her PhD in political science from the University of South Carolina. Her doctoral research on the U.S. Courts of Appeals was recognized as the best dissertation in public law by the American Political Science Association. Haire joined UGA’s Department of Political Science in...

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  • Bakker, Ryan

    Associate Professor


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